Thursday, October 22, 2009

My favourite holiday (Blogging challenge week 7)

I have a dream, to travel, to feel. I always had this dream. I want to visit as many places as I can, to speak with new people and to come in touch with different cultures. Unfortunatelly until now I didn't have the opportunity to go abroad, but, Greece is known for the variety of its places and the differences of its people. Taking as grantednthat Santoriny became from a Volcano's explosion, I thought that visiting that island would be a great experience for me and it was.

Two years ago I visited Santoriny. I travelled by ship From Heraklion and after four hours we arrived at Sanoriny's port, "Athinios". I rented a car and drove to my hotel in "Akrotiri". A small village placed in the South of the island, with a great view to "Caldera" and "Oia". I bought a map and I started discovering the island.

My first station was the crowded "Caldera". The capital of Santoriny which is built on a huge volcano rock. I enjoyed my walk to the thousands lanes. I was stopping in every shop, taking a look arround and I tasted the local wines the producers make. Of course my photo camera was on fire. The beauty of the sites can't easily be explained.

After "Caldera" I visited the village of "Oia". The village is placed on the northern tip of the island and it is a popular destination for the visitors because of the sunset viewing site. The theme is that there is an uninterrupted view of the sun as it finally sinks below the horizon. Altough the prices are high, I will never regret I had my afternoon coffee there.

Except of Caldera and Oia, I also visited "Kamari" and "perissa. These villages are on the eastern island. Altough there weren't great sites to see, I enjoyed the sun and I relaxed for a long time while I was drinking cocktails to the huge beaches of that places.The last place I visited was a beach named "Vlihada". Actually I stayed speechless. After a five minutes walk trough rocks I saw a wild beauty of red rocks that surround the small beach.

Altough I stayed only three days in Santoriny I enjoyed every minute of my time there and i recommend this island not only to young people like me, but also, to older people because there are a huge variety of activities for all ages there.


  1. I agree with you, George! I have visited Santorini, as well, and I am absolutely positive that it is my favourite Greek island. It is so picturesque and the view is to be remembered for a lifetime...

  2. Hi George!! Your description looks very nice! I have never been in Santorini but I would like to go there. Which summer month is better to visit Santorini? For instance, I wouldn’t like to be crowded.