Thursday, October 29, 2009

October's Calendar

1. The land inclined gently towards the shore.
2. That uniform makes the guards look absurd.
3. The food shortage can soon reach crisis proportions.
4. The police evacuated the building immediately.
5. More money has been allocated by the government in order to repair the roads.
6. The bonding of the soldiers during a war is difficult to be explained.
7. Leaders like Hitler and Kaligoulas have been characterized as insane.
8. The jury compelled the parent to pay 400euros every month for his child.
9. It is compalsory for the Greeks to join the army.
10. The greenhouse effect has been gaining credence over the last years.
11. Suddenly, in the darkness, a boat full of immigrants materialized near the cost.
12. The primary concern of the government must be the educational system.
13. During the 2nd World war, primitive types of radar were used.
14. This film is a replication of the original one. Didn't you know this is illegal?
15. Due to the greenhouse effect, the evaporation of the lakes has started to become dangerous.
16. He started studying mathematics, but dropped out after two years.
17. The current government is trying to provide for the poor.
18. Because of my duties, I have the authority on deciding whether a soldier will be on leave or not.
19. Can you be more precise on this topic please?
20. The president described with great explicitness the economical policy of the governement.
21. Although it was his swearing ceremony, he was solemn.
22. Situations get out of hand when people make unreasonable demands.
23. I imagined myself winning the lottery and leading a life of total indulgence.
24. The government is doing everything in its power to remedy increasing unemployment.
25. The army recruits new soldiers.
26. We can drive to Thessaloniki or, alternatively, go by train.
27. The two software companies formed a merger in hopes of increasing their market share.
28. They have tentative plans to vacation in Hawaii next month, but they may decide to postpone their trip for a month or so.
29. A person such as a historian is typically known as a man of letters.
30. Western convention demands that you write a thank you note to everyone who sends you a gift.
31. Company regulations prescribe that smoking is strictly forbidden throughout the building.

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